• Time 2 Preheat!

    With a Tanis preheat kit keeping your aircraft preconditioned regardless of weather – warm or cold – you will be able to take off and fly safely at a moment’s notice. Saves time and money! Just Plug It In! To read more….

    Tanis preheats all critical aircraft components.

    Tanis preheats all critical aircraft components.

    How Hot Does the Engine Get?

    • Our system is designed to raise the engine temperature
      50 to 60 degrees F and 28 to 33 degrees C above ambient.

    What kind of extension cord do I need?

    • 16+ gauge extension cord is normally adequate for 50 foot runs.
    • The longer the cord the heavier (lower) the gauge you should use.
    • A cold weather cord is recommended in cold regions for flexibility and reliability.
    • See your systems pilot guide for more information.